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photo renaud galabert eclisse guitare classique

At the service of music and musicians

For over 20 years I design and make unique guitars.

My initial training in applied technical electronics allowed me to have this rigor specific to the design and operation of things as well as the physical and acoustic logic of materials.

In my opinion, the musician and the instrument maker are intimately linked. They meet, talk about sounds, sensations to achieve the desired instrument.

My guitars are not just simple assemblages of pieces of wood but the fruit of sharing, of an osmosis between two people. The result is more than just a musical creation tool.


Traditional lutherie and new practices

My guitars are entirely designed and made by hand.

The woods are carefully selected, knowing that this choice will be decisive for the quality and sound characteristics of the instrument. Each important step is always noted - for example, the thickness of the table according to its rigidity, that of the bottom, the bridge, etc. ... in order to reproduce or at least get closer to the sound of an instrument already manufactured.

Although I remain very attached to a traditional aesthetic based on elegance and sobriety, I live with my era! I use all modern techniques to improve the speed, consistency and build quality of my guitars. For example, the use of air vacuum bonding will advantageously replace the clamps. The pressure then exerted is more efficient because uniform."


Test benches in the review "Classical Guitar"

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n°26, July 2005

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No. 40, April 2008

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No. 69, August 2015

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No. 79, Dec-Feb 2017/18

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